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Toni Moog: "In life everything has a funny part and, sometimes, you have to pull it to take things away"

Posted on 4/5/2018 by
Irene Dosil

-At the end of May the Hollymoog show ends at the Capitol Theatre in Barcelona, ​​but the comedian is already preparing another monologue for September

-Moog says that "humour has no limits" and is defined as a person "peculiar", with many hobbies but "without hairs on the tongue"


You might know him for his monologues at The Comedy Club, on some beach in summer or for his famous show every Christmas: "Blanca Navidad ". He is Toni Moog (his real name, Antonio Asencio), a comedian who in 2003 climbed for the first time on the stage of the club of which he was a DJ and sound technician and to which he has borrowed part of his stage name: Moog.

The Catalan humourist receives the QHE team in a bar where the music and decoration fit one hundred percent with his style: the "99% Moto Bar", located in Les Corts district of Barcelona. Photos of Harleys, helmets hung as if they were pictures and more than a graphism dedicated to Loquillo. A singer that, by the way, he loves him.

Moog held a few days ago his more than a thousand shows with 300,000 spectators in the Capitol Club of Barcelona with monologues such as 'Singles', 'Facemoog', 'Follamigas' and, now, 'Hollymoog'. At the end of this month he will end with this last one and with his tour through Spain, but Moog already has in mind another one that will make public in September-October.

Without hairs on his tongue, he confesses that one of his weaknesses is his daughter Nora, that his humour has been inspired by Martes y 13 and that he has many traditions: "Before going on stage I always have to clench my fist with my alderman and say: ‘’Ira y fuego ". "If I do not do it, maybe it gives me bad luck," he says.

QHE- You started your career as a comedian in 2003. How did it all start?

It all started with a bet: I worked in a place where humourists who are now known but at that time were doing their first steps and one day I decided to go on stage, improvised, people laughed and told me I was good and that I could dedicate myself to that.

So I started writing, interpreting, bowling and acting for more locals and I started a very meteoric career: in a short time I was acting all over Spain, I recorded with Paramount Comedy, I participated in many television programs -late nights, parodies, etc.- and right now I have been living for years at the Capitol Theatre. So the truth is that I started a bit by chance.

QHE- The comedian is born or is it made?

I believe that the humourist, in part, is born. It's like psychopaths: the psychopath is born and then, depending on their environment, develops psychopathy or is a normal uncle. So the humourist is born and then depending on their environment becomes a professional humourist.

I think that brilliant comedians have a gift to see grace in things that are not there in principle or to turn a disaster into something funny.

QHE- You triumphed with the trilogy dedicated to relationships and sex -'Singles ',' Facemoog 'and' Follamigas'-, and now 'Hollymoog' is being a success. How did this monologue happen?

Hollymoog arose because I had already been in the theatre for several years with several shows and I wanted to make a monologue that talked about cinema, but from my perspective, it is totally different from the others.

In this monologue I speak of cinema, but not of films in particular. I tear apart what cinema is, especially Disney and the musical films. I wanted to try something different from what people are used to with me.

QHE- What is your favourite movie? And your director?

My movie, "300". My director, Quentin Tarantino.

QHE- Also, in this monologue you have a script and it seems that you follow it. Normally, Toni Moog improvises or follows a script?

I improvise a lot because I love it, but obviously I have a basic script. What happens is that when I have to repeat a script many times I start to get bored and that's when I start to improvise: I take advantage of anything that has happened recently, anecdotes of current events or Spanish politics. The truth is that with Spain’s situation I can make two hundred thousand jokes and a show.

QHE- How long will we continue to have you in the Capitol with Hollymoog?

Hollymoog ends the last weekend of May and it is now unpostponable because I've been on their bill for 33 consecutive weeks, from Thursday to Sunday.

QHE- You have been an actor in Homo zapping, along with José Corbacho. Scoundrel reporter in UAU y Boqueria 357, with Santi Millán, and in La Tribu, with Xavier Sardà. Does Toni Moog have new plans in sight in his professional career (inside or outside theatre)?

For the moment, when I finish Hollymoog I will take the opportunity to finish the tour I am doing in Spain. I act on Fridays in different capitals and I will finish this tour before summer.

During the summer I will do performances on beaches, I will also rest and then I will start writing and my new show. I will not say anything because it has to be a surprise, but I hope that by September-October I can p but I hope that by September-October I can present something new that is sugarcane.

QHE- A monologue: in the theatre or on television?

Without a doubt, better in the theatre: there they see me live and I can interact with them.

QHE- Hey, out of curiosity: What is that drink that is in your glass while you act?

I always say it's Frenadol [laughs]. But in reality it is a secret that is becoming almost a legend.

QHE- In the majority of your monologues, you quote your friend Choni, the one from "que pim, que pam". Do you identify with that character or is it really a friend of yours?

I have two star characters: the Choni and the geek. They are the two uncles that are opposite: the street guy, who is rogue and clever and the guy who does not leave home, who plays all day to video games, the wanker...

And many times they ask me if the Choni is really my friend or if it's even me, but it's something I never answe, it's secret.

QHE- Is Toni Moog as we see him on stage? A person without hair on his tongue, who says things as he thinks them...

Yes. I'm exactly the same on stage as in real life: I'm always doing funny things, imitating ... messing around whether at home, with friends or even when I'm alone. And I say the things without hairs in my tongue, as I think them, something that more than once has supposed me a little problem when talking about social networks.

I believe that in humour there are no limits: everything has its funny part and you have to pull it because sometimes it serves to remove iron to certain things.

QHE- But he also has his affectionate side: you've been playing for the past 11 years in the Pepe Rubianes hall of the Capitol Club, with more than a thousand performances and 300,000 spectators behind you. And you made a very nice mention to your daughter Nora. Will you tell her your monologues when she is older?

[Laughs] Well, I do not know because when she is older I will also be much older. Now I tell her jokes and then she tells them and I am amused to see how she does it. The monologues I think she will see them on YouTube.

QHE- Do you have a reference in the world of humour? And you: do you consider yourself a reference?

I have used Martes y 13 a lot as references, they are my idols since I was little. In fact, when I was older I wanted to do what they did: make a fool of myself and make people laugh.

I do not consider myself a reference to anything, it's me, I have my style, my ways and that's it.

QHE- Does it makes you tired make people laugh?

No, sometimes I do it for free, but obviously, when you do it for work, rather than getting tired there are days that you do not feel like or that you are not well. Then, there are days that it is not that I am tired but that I do not feel like it.


What is the worst job you've had?

In Pizza Hut. They fired me out after a month because I put the cap on backwards and because I put too many ingredients on the pizza.

At what time of the day are you most inspired?

Any time. That goes rather with the mood.

What should a good empanada from Móstoles have?

A mili and an Encarna at night and an ax.

A hobby?

I have too many hobbies. Before going on stage I always have to clench my fist with my regidor and say: "Ira y fuego". If I do not, it still gives me bad luck.

Besides Moog, do you have another nickname?

Folleti, but that's just for the girls.

An actor/actress you laugh with?

Jim Carrey.

Traveling as a family, couple or friends?

It depends. Friends to have fun, family to go to visit things and eat well and in couple to have sex anywhere.

What is the best advice you have been given?

Do not give advice.

The patatas bravas, with spicy or without?

Without, I do not like spicy.

A bar in Barcelona where they cook patatas bravas really good?

Paco Meralgo

Define yourself in one word

Peculiar, picturesque, different.