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David Guapo: "What I want is to keep doing fun things for people, whether in the theatre or in the movies"

Posted on 28/2/2018 by
Clàudia Laporte

-The 2nd of March premieres 'Sin Rodeos', a film directed by Santiago Segura and third film in which David Guapo participates

-The Catalan humorist assures that he wanted to be an NBA star, that his highest aspiration is to be happy and that to be in the TOP 5 of monologuistas you have to know how to improvise


We interviewed David Guapo on a Friday night, 45 minutes before he starts his monologue 'Que no nos frunjan la fiesta 2' at the Borràs Theatre in Barcelona. He arrives smiling and greets us as if we had known each other all our lives. He jokes about any gesture or comment we make and laughs even at himself. Although I did not look for it - I wanted to be an NBA star - he's a born humorist.

This 37 year old Catalan started in the world of art as a singer - he plays several instruments - he continued as a humorist and now he has made the leap to the big screen. Do you stay with the theatre or the cinema? We ask him: "It's not a question of whether I want to do cinema, theatre or TV, I want to continue doing things that are fun for people. Except striptease, at the moment, everything ".

David Callejón -David Guapo as a stage name- reveals what his next project will be like, he knows how to say squirrel in German and that the most amusing word is 'babunda': "I was told by a Russian friend and I loved it; I still do not know what it means. "

QHE- You have explained in several monologues why you are called David, but not why your stage name is 'David Guapo'. Could you tell us why 'guapo'?

I'm glad you asked me this question [laughs]. The 'guapo' thing comes from rebound, because first I was going to be tall and handsome, but in reality I'm not that tall and I said: well, I'll stick to the 'guapo' part. If someone is handsome, he is handsome.

QHE- We interviewed you days before the movie "Sin rodeos", directed by Santiago Segura, is released. What can you tell us about this new film?

This movie is very funny, it has a very 'Santiago Sagura' touch, everything is impregnated with it. Any fan of humor in general will enjoy this movie a lot. You will feel identified because there are many characters and one or the other or you have had it, or you have suffered it, or you will have it.

QHE- And how is that working with Santiago Segura?

Very funny. He is a director who has a lot of patience. He comes from working with characters who are not actors and has been taking that patience over time. And that has been very good for me.

Also, it's very funny, even if you put your thumbs up when you screw up ... but as it makes it fun, you laugh.

QHE- Did David Guapo came to the big screen to stay?

Well, I like the big screen a lot. Obviously, it depends on the project. It's not a question of whether I want to make movies or TV, I want to keep doing things that are fun for people. Less striptease, at the moment ...

QHE- What's more difficult for you: going to a theatre to make people laugh or put you in front of the big screen?

The most difficult thing is the theatre, because you have the audience there and the reaction is direct. If you screw it up, you notice it at once. In the cinema, once you've recorded, the movie may not work in theatres, but you do not get that feeling that you're not funny, instead, live, in the theatre itself. In addition, you must have more capacity for improvisation and in the cinema you go with a network, very safe.

QHE- Is it necessary to know how to improvise to make people laugh?

At this level, yes. There are monologue levels, but if you want to be in the TOP 5 or TOP 10 you have to be more complete: not only improvise, but have many direct tools and be able to conquer as well. There are many details that, together, make the difference.

If you notice, there are not so many monologuistas that fill the theatres. I think part of the grace of a monologue is that it has to be natural because it makes more fun.

QHE- You receive us at the Borràs Theater, where you act now with your monologue 'Que no nos frunjan la fiesta 2'. What is David Guapo talking about in this monologue?

Well, it's very funny and I do not say it, everybody says it. This monologue is working very well because it keeps the line of the first and it is all very new material because I want to surprise live. So if you liked the first one, you'll like this one. And if you have not seen the first one, it is okay because they do not follow an order.

QHE- What did David Guapo want to be when he grew up?

Well, very happy, and for the moment I'm being it. I did not have a fixed goal, but I was clear that everything was going to revolve around a stage and the audience.

In the end, I let myself go: if people ask for music, I make music, and if people ask to laugh, I make them laugh. Although if we get to confess ... I would like to be an NBA star ... but since I only stayed in the handsome part because I was not that tall, they told me that it was not made for the NBA [laughs].

QHE- What is your reference in the world of humor?

I started doing monologues without knowing what they were. I did not follow monologues or monologuists, it was not something I knew. And suddenly, yes, I found myself doing monologues.

QHE- So, are you your reference?

Yes [laughs] Yes, I am my own reference. In the end, if you want to maintain your personality you do not have to have many references in the same field. Yes, there are classmates who are very funny but I do not have them as references because I could never become like them. For example, Leo Harlem is very funny, but I can not make monologues as he does,because he is not a reference for me.

QHE- Are you tired of having to laugh and make people laugh at all times?

No. I am tried of traveling. The moment of making someone laugh is the coolest, it is tiring to do the sound test first and everything that does not have to do with laughing, but making people laugh I have a great time. Now, I cut in time: before I did the monologues much longer and it is important to know how to cut on time, because there is a time when we are not going to make you laugh anymore. In the United States they do 45-minute shows; here we are in an hour and a quarter.

QHE- It seems that comedy in Spain is down. What happened?

Humor never goes out of fashion, but I think that in the smaller circuit it is true that there is a downturn. The reality is that in Spain the stranger is treated very badly, and the acquaintance is treated very well. As people do not like to discover, the bar circuit has already been lost and a lot of the fault is with the monologueists, because many have come very high. There has been a bubble: everyone wanted to charge the same as those who charged a lot ... there was no business criterion in the world of monologues as there are in other arts. And that has burned the business because if you are going to act and charge too much, the bar will not hire you.

QHE-What are your future plans? Being happy?

Maintaining the line of being happy ... yes I think about the future, but more from the business point of view than artistic, because artistically fortunately I have that freedom that if the public keeps coming, I will continue doing comedy, but if they stop coming I will have I have to dedicate myself to something else, but at the moment it does not indicate that I am going to stop doing grace. I'm not going to dedicate myself to the drama ... that's for sure! [laughs]

QHE- Will we have a new album by David Guapo?

You are right. I think so.

QHE- Are you working on it?

I'm on it. Do you want me to sing a capella a song? [laughs] No, I still can not, I do not want to overtake. In fact, the next show I'm preparing is going in that line of singer-songwriter, not like a musical, but I do want to dig deeper into that world.

QHE- Do we have a date for that?

I do not know ... in a year I think we are going to have it. But I promise nothing! It is an approximate date.


Favorite rock superstar?

Rock band, Led Zeppelin.

Barça or Madrid?

What for?

Cinema or theatre?

Theatre ... or cinema ... I do not know what to chose.

The food drives me...

I love food. Now I am in the vegetarian phase.

With socks or without?

No socks, for everything.

A TV series?

Well, if you have not seen it, Dragon Ball. And other like Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad ...

If you could have magical powers, which one would you choose?

The ones that the genius of Aladdin has. Because it gives you a wide range of action.

The best compliment that someone gave you?

Well, they did not tell me that, they said it to a friend and it seemed at least surprising; they shouted: "You are so good that I would piss on you". What kind of sick mind can let you loose that? To me ... I do not know if they tell me a lot of compliments, because the handsome thing I already have it in the name... I do not know if it's because they think about it or because of the name.

Have you ever done a 'cobra'?

No, because I choose the moment very well, I know how to read the signs very well.

A place for a getaway?

My house, I am very well there: in front of the sea, quiet, with my piano and everything I need to enjoy.

The patatas bravas, with spicy or without?

Without. Spicy is not a taste, it is a sensation.

Are you more of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

I use networks because of the fans. As a means of communication I think the best ones are Instagram and Facebook because they allow more direct interaction.

Are you superstitious?

No, zero, nothing. I do not drink alcohol and everyone has the superstition of toasting with alcohol. I toast with water and I'm doing well.

Favorite superhero?

Iron Man I like him a lot, because it's like Batman but cooler.

What do you always carry with you in your suitcase?

Underpants, laptop with wifi and the vanity case.

A good club in Barcelona to listen live music?

The Mediterranean. That's where I started and the thing continues.

What makes you frungir the most in life?

Bad education and incompetence.

What is the most cruel thing you have been told?

I have a very effective system that is: "skip". I can disconnect very fast when something does not interest me.

A tip for a young man who wants to make a living as an artist?

I would recommend you to train very well as an entrepreneur, because in the end the best thing you can do is to be your own company and know how to manage your own brand. Because a great failure of artists who do not value anything other than art. As an artist, you are your best commercial.

A word that makes you laugh?

'Babunda' makes me laugh really hard. A Russian friend told me that word and I still do not know what it means.